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Candor 101 Program for New Athletes & F.A.Q.

All athletes NEW to CrossFit must first complete our Candor 101 Program before joining regular CrossFit Classes. All of our Candor 101 are done one-on-one with a coach or in a small group designed around YOUR schedule! Sessions are $30/each and you can expect to have FIVE awesome classes personal-training style to complete your course and enter classes. You may bypass the Candor 101 as a veteran CrossFit athlete by asking us to contact your home gym for the thumbs up!

Each class will consist of a warm-up and review of skills from the previous class. We’ll then cover the skills listed on the syllabus, moving you towards comfort and proficiency. We’ll finish with a fast, intense workout and some cool-down/stretching.

We can’t wait to have you at Candor!

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I fit enough to do this?

YES! Everything we do in here is scaled to where you are now in your ability and comfort. Whether you’ve never worked out before or are a veteran athlete, we tailor each class to fit you. We’re going to start at the beginning — movements will progress from the relatively non-technical to more technical, and workouts will get progressively more challenging. All workouts will be scaled as appropriate to the individual in question. Technique will be emphasized to ensure your safety and success in throughout your journey!

What times are On-Ramp Courses offered?

We do our best to make ourselves available around your schedule, so we will give you the option of any time between 9 AM and noon. Under special circumstances, we can also schedule 6:30 – 7:30 PM. Our aim is to do the course when the gym is quiet so that you can be comfortable, ask questions and not be interrupted by a class time.

I have an existing injury – can I still participate?

Come talk to us about the nature of your injury. More than likely we will be able to adapt the program such that you will still be able to participate!

What if I think I don't need the On-Ramp Course?

Athletes wishing to waive the On-Ramp requirement are welcome to take an Exemption Test with a CrossFit Candor coach. The Exemption Test measures an athlete’s:

  • Understanding of the key mechanics associated with each movement tested;
  • Competency with the principal movements employed by the program.
  • Self-diagnostic capabilities when performing key movements.

Athletes will meet one-on-one with a coach who will run them through the movements used in class. The athlete must demonstrate independent knowledge and proficiency in each movement. Sometimes these sessions turn into mini-On-Ramps focusing only on movements the athlete isn’t familiar with. However many sessions it takes, we are cool with that. Cost is $30/session, like the On-Ramp sessions.

What do I bring to class?

Comfortable clothing & water. Remember to dress according to the weather – in the summer, it will be warm in the gym, and in the winter, it will be colder.

What if I have a group of friends who want to set one up? Can we do that?

Yes! Groups of four or more can set up a group On-Ramp at $100 for the entire course, each! The only thing we ask is that all members of the group are present for each session. If a member of the group misses, he/she must make up the session on their own at an additional $30/class.

What if I have more questions? Can I call you or reach out?

Of course! We are here to answer any questions you have. Text or call us at 205.329.3683 or email us at [email protected]

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