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Power Hour

A Non-Profit Organization for Adaptive & Special Needs Athletes

Candor Power Hour is a nonprofit organization started by CrossFit Candor. Power Hour is a weekly class for adaptive and special needs athletes in the Tuscaloosa area. This class targets their long and short-term goals, as well as focuses on increasing their overall independence. Most Power Hour athletes utilize this hour each week as their Occupational Therapy since no pediatric options for that exist medically in Tuscaloosa. Starting with just one athlete in early 2014, Power Hour now includes nine athletes ranging in age from 3 – 38 years old. Power Hour seeks not only to provide physical help to these athletes, but to build relationships with them and create a support system that last a lifetime.

How You Can Help

Power Hour is powered solely through the donation of time of its coaches, and it is always free to the athletes and their families. Interested in how you can help or be a part of Power Hour? Email us at [email protected] for more info! We are always seeking extra hands and hearts, as well as donations to the cause!


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